Sunday, August 06, 2006


Heres a flik of our mates house on Union Street in East Oxford that they liked us to paint.

With the theme coming from an old quote (with a disputed origin) that Im sure most are familiar with.

At first we just painted the image wich we took from a photo of a girl ripping up a dollar bill (we found in the back of an old Schnews book) and felt the image was strong enough to hold its own.

But after some time , feedback and discusion,(yeah,yeah,cleashey,blah de blah,banksy,blah,twat,blah,whateva...)our mates still really wanted the quote itself up as they felt it would stop any missconception of what was trying to be conveyed to anyone passing by their house.

The origional quote started with the words 'Only when' , which we changed to 'Before the' turning the words into a question we felt conveyed a less defeatest and fatalistic view and hopefully would encourage actions towards creating a better future!

Heres what is says incase you cant read from the flik:

Before the last tree has died, the last river been poisoned and the last fish has been caught...

...will we realize that we can-not eat money ?

Oh yeah, and the whole thing was painted using soopa cheap emullsion paint from Orinoco, our fantastic local scrapstore recycling centre, plus a few bits found in the shed!


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