Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I have bin sitting in my bedroom doodling and I am exhibiting these'ere doodles at the moment in Gallery 8 which is in Glastonbury at the bottom of the high street near the monument. They'll be there 'till at least xmas. Also, a bigger hexlebition in Booty which is in Bristol (it's a shop) on Colston street just at the top of christmas steps. That'll be there for November. I have got me own blog now so you can see more of deez piccies an other piccies. Its at littlepicturebigpicture.blogspot.com .. Heres a taster..

there you go. They are all Dog-Hating Cat except Killer Sheep and Grr-badger. All on canvas all 20 x 30 inches ish or a bit smaller.


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