Monday, November 06, 2006

Stopping the deportation of me mate!

It is discusting the way some refugees are treated when they come to this country fleeing from persecution.
A good friend of mine whome I've known for over a year, and active member of the East Oxford community has recently been 'detained' at an 'immigration removal centre' and we are hoping to stop his deportation back to a war torn country (for legal reasons, at pressent, I cannot publisize his name or go into specifics)
His ordeal of family being killed and of his own persecution and escape have been verified by a VERY reputable orgonization (who cannot be named as this may endanger their staff in that country)
This evidence was not available to the judge at his origional trial when he didn't even speak english. The judge turned down his claim for asylum. The home office have received this information, but say that the judge has made his decision and wont allow a retrial., so they have detained himin order to deport him.
Myself and his friends have been visiting and phoning him as often as we can.
I knew things were bad, but they have suddenly become very real.It is not just the ordeal and stress of being detained, awaiting the uncertainty of deportation, but also the appauling way in which people are treated in these places.

When he was detained a couple of weeks ago he was put in a police style holding cell.A dirty blanket and toilet his only company with a wet floor.Locked in this room for 23 hrs. a day, for 3 days.
Now in the main prison block he can be out of his cell most the day but at night he is locked in a cell with a smoker, which he is not plus he is ill and this makes him worse (a criminal in a normal british prison would have the right to a smoke free cell.)
They tried to deport him the other night but thankfully the flight was cancelled.Even though the immigration service, his lawyer and himself were all aware of this, officers came and woke him up and put him in a 'removal cell' (simular to the arrival and punnishment cell I described earlier) where he spent a cold night and was denied his medication.
He is now back in the main prison and we are hoping for a duditial review to be booked, and then hopefully bail, but nothing has been confirmed yet, and there is still a possibility they could issue another removal direction.

If this discusts you then you can help by sighning the petition asap. I have always been completely cynical of petitions, but, It has actually helped so far, but more signatures are needed to keep up the pressure, to have him released and given the right to a fair hearing.

You can sign it at East Oxford Community Centre bar,Uhuru Wholefoods,Coopers Newsagent,Inner Bookshop,Oxford Cycle Workshop,Mr Anwars Store,Majick Cafe,Bead Games far...
New copies available from Room 1 (upstairs in East Oxford Community Centre).

Better still write to East Oxford MP Andrew Smith who is also trying to help, but the more encouragement he gets the better!
( if you do write to him , then u will have to mention his name, otherwise he might not know who your goin on about, but as his lawyer has advised us not to publish it, you will have to go into one of the shops mentioned to get his name off a petition so you can mention him specifically, when writing to the MP, or the home office, with your concerns )

When writing,Please be very polite, as this will help!
You could ask for;
An immediate end to the threat to him being deported.,
His Immediate release from detention.,
That his application for asylum, with all the supporting evidence will be considered properly.,
That he, and thousands like him, be allowed the normal rights of a human being: to live where he chooses, to work if he so wishes, to be treated with care, dignity and respect, and to develop his talents and get on with his life without further interference.

Heres the details I have so far:
(it'd b best if u can email em both @ the same time)

Email E. Oxford MP, Andrew Smith on :
Tel: 01865 305080

His Address is : Andrew Smith MP
Unit 1,
Newtec Place'
Magdalen Road'

....Just got this:
When writing, you should mention his Home Office Ref: MP1231593
Also It'd be best if you write as well as , or direct to :

Liam Byrne,
Minister for Immigration,
3rd. floor,
Peel Building,
2 Marsham Street,
Fax:Liam Byrne: 020 7035 47 45

Cheers for helping !!!

More updates as and when...


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