Friday, November 03, 2006

where yor sossages come from!

Life in the real world..
time 2 think about air miles amongst udder tings....
this was a dairy farm 4 over 20 years untill it couldnt compete with the soopa markets no more!
12 family farms A DAY! go out of biziness cos dem cant compete wiv da soopa markets!!!The soopa market sell milk as a lost leeder 2 get us in the store(they loose money on it-jus 2 get u in there(an buy evry ting else))so no farmer can now get a propper price 4 their milk, cos we can always get it cheeper sumweere else!
Think inflation an then reelize that bak in the 80's farmers was gettin 18 pence a leetre, then think 2004 an all dem was gettin was 20 pence a littre!
... SHIT, bak in the day u could buy monster munch for 8 p a packet!, that dont add up!!!!!!!!
Did thesigns with me mate Jeop for the apple n pumpkin day out.
chek the organic diy link.....and chek the meatrix link!


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