Friday, April 27, 2007



Fast Effective Koverage with Zap n Spar, Projectile Vomits new album cover innit!

Brians a geenius!!

Gus n Brians Data Mine Sound Shaft!!(you have to go inside to experience it)

mutant media mahem and voluptouse vehicle vandalism!
it all went down in a few mentalist days in madchester and is still going on!!!
check .uk to see what its all about,programe of events,artists,etc...
these are just the flix i managed to upload b4 they closed the libry....
.....lots more to come!-wow that was fun!!
go get yoself up to the freak fest!!
MMMMMMMMMAASIVE thanx luv an respect to Mick Fuzz and the whole mutant/basement/hulme crews for such fantastic hospitality and fun!!
also massive big ups 2 all the other artists and mechanics and especially 2 Spar ,and to Jai from the UHC for loading us up with so much paint!!


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