Monday, October 29, 2007

Freedom Tent

one girl insisted all she wanted to do was the play boy bunny. Sarah very cleverly mentioned that to her it repressented the enslavement of women and managed to suggest subverting the image so that it became rellevant to the project.

capoera played a role in the rebbellion as slaves could hide their banned marshal art as a dance!

Sarahs embroidery.
History lesson.

Wendy's time lines.

creating the artwork for the outside roof of the Freedom Tent with a group of teenagers .
this project was just one of 12 tents and ours was to highlight and celebrate the 200 year abolition of slavery (shame its still going strong!-but the history does suggest this!)
Wendy created a fantastic history of all the rebellion on pannels inside the tent from the 1400's until the present.
while Sarah was embroidering designs for the outside panels of the tent.
all the tents have different themes and will be used at festivals and events for hopefully a few years!
the project had its difficulties( the main one for me being that a stabbing occured outside the youth club a few days before the project so half my time was spent in an empty youth club,It was also a challenge to get young teenagers interested in such a serriose and complex issue at a drop in youth centre, but we got there in the end!)
Massive Big up and Thanx to everyone I worked with and the whole Fusion Arts crew!!!
hopefully we can do another project sum time!


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