Sunday, February 10, 2008

eco graffiti ...

this whole thing was done with dirty old emulsion!
... see rollers rock!!!

...Brian bought along a hole stak of pree cut stencils 4 anyone too lazy to cut 1 !

been doin quite a few graff werkshops over the winter round devon,and have been especially keen to promote using rollers and recycled paint to get the same effects- its so much cheeper or free(u can often find paint in builders skips or down the local tip or recycling centre!)and so much bettr 4 the planet janet!!
brushes and sponges werk well 4 stenciling aswell, and once your used to it, its just as quik as a spray can!
yood probly be supprised that most of our more traditional graff work is done using emulsion for the letter and character fills, with just cans used for fades an outlines!
giv it a wirl!!
Massive big up 2 Jane an Brian an the whole seize the moment posse!!!


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