Friday, March 14, 2008

kebele social centre

this is a well good place to visit if yor ever in bristol!
brilliant! - they provided the paint an dinner and we paint fun pictures of lots of stuff were into and they do at this place!!
i think maybee sort of probly...these walls r finished now...???
theres more paint fun 2 b had yet! - still sum more walls to paint there if you fancy?!............. on the images 2 c them bettr!

..............banksys old bit we painted around! not bombs had 2 go as its a thing theymz way 2 bizy doin loads of uther cool stuff 2 do that aswell!! and folx dinnt wanna confuse anyone!
... probly worth check em out on the net tho! -
also de management absent take it easy got voted out!
these blimin @narchists!!!
big luv 2 ya!!!


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