Sunday, June 01, 2008

appledore art festival

demonstrating graff teckniques during the art festival.......
stop violent crime !
check the location -painting all day outside the royal british legion social club.
they have an advertizing campagne at the moment wich has a picture of an ex-service man in a wheel chair to try and raise funds for ex-service men.....theres also lots of adverts wanting u 2 join the army , with this slogan:army be the best
just thought i'd try and speed up the thinking!...

this was a funny(?) one !
u cant seem 2 switch on the radio or pick up a paper without someone crappin on about how evil the teenagers r these days with all there gun and knife crime, always killing one another......................
seems like its fine if u kill people in another country though!
our government dont even defend it - they activly encourage it!
massive big up 2 jane again for sorting it all out!!!!!!!


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