Sunday, June 15, 2008

fame at last!!

That woz Fun!!!

Doodledubz gets starstruck az we stuntdouble for the actors in a new film!
(well – graffdoubles realy!)
it was a bit weird painting a whole piece and then letting it get sighned by an actor with a fictitiose tag – but that’s Hollywood!
the memorial piece in the film was dedicated to a writer who fell off a multi-storey car park whilst bombing and died.
It was so much fun watching it get dogged by a toy writer as part of the story!!
Cant wait till the film comes out!!
It called Tag Lines.
Massive thanx to Jules and the whole crew!!! – it was a reel pleasure working with ya!!!

More about them here:


Blogger Techitone said...

Hi Dubz

Thought you'n'Flo might like to know, that TAGLINE the Movie is finished AND AND AND AND you can watch it online!!!!

It's in 5 parts.

Hope you like it.

AND, Thanks again for all your help and support in the making of TAGLINE.

You (you're arm) and Flo are both in the film!!!

6:07 AM  

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