Monday, June 16, 2008

That Damn Wall !!!

Heres that (reeely bad) stitch up of the cyclepath …..

This IZ Amusing! - theres these well 2 do nimby solisitors who hear a new cycle path is gonna be built in view of the highest window in their house.
Not wanting to be distressed by the sight of hourds of unsightly peasants cycling through the countryside – they took the matter to court as a human rights issue ……….. and unbelievably Won!!!!
the cycle path could only be built if about a million quid was waisted on building a 70 meter long and 3 meter deep concrete sided trench to hide the cyclists in as they whiz past.
That’s wear our discusting paintings come in! – well we hoped to beautify this ugly great hulk of concrete!
It seems these poor folk now have 2 suffer from their window the sight of the top third of a 70 meter wall plastered in the most vilest of aggressive graffiti vandalism!!
Apparently now they’re makin a bit of a fuss because they argue that this discusting piece of artwork is completely out of keeping with the countryside!!
(quite unlike the 70 meters and god knows how many tons of concrete that’s been dumped there on their behalf!!)

oh well - lifes way too short to worry about the bullshit involved when freedom of expression and brightening things up are involved!!
most importantly, the kids had a brilliant time!!!

List of the guilty! :

L-R :Andy,Lympstone Youth Club,Rich,Gone,Sugz,Skank,Mydas,Ican,Sta,Sheva,Kryton,Fung,Serco.

Massive thanx agen to everyone who came along!!!!!!

see it bettr here: Cheers Sta!


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