Monday, September 01, 2008

Paint Party!!

gettin 2 the wall an back!

WOW! – that was FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

It took along time to finaly fix a date 2 paint the buggre – but we got there in the end!!
MASSIVE THANX to Marc and Frank and the hole Harbour Sports crew 4 providing both the wall and most of the paint!!!
Teresa an Chris 4 hirin the skaff tower and givin us sum masonry paint!!!
Massive big up 2 Andy and the hole West Town farm posse 4 puttin on a soopa local organic freerange + veggie BBQ and lending us sum climbing tat!!!
The hole Book – Cycle crew 4 all their luv an help!!!
Nomadix Sound System for Badass Bass n Beats!!!(more of that please!!!)
Rich 4 his enthusiasm an ladders!!!
Frazer 4 lettin us trash his (girlfriends I think?) car!
Keith 4 lettin us get 2 the roof to secure our ropes!!!
And of corse All of the artists!!!!
And all the passing public 4 a great response!!!
It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Artists were: Phlegm,Virus,Rem,Form,Serco,Zier,Kryton,Skank,Sugz,Fung,Parky,Midas,Skeo,Sheva,Asto,Fish + Symr……………………… far(I think)!!

Parkys put up an animation of the wall on his blog!!:

an chek Phlegm site!!:


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