Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nuther Graff Jam!!

Surf Jam! Devon city centre big wall!

Ok folks!

Theres been loads of intrest in painting this wall – so its should b a good one!!!
Ive been chattin 2 them for a few weeks now and its all lookin good!!
As long as its representing a possative surf theme their up 4 it!
its all just for the love of it agen!! its good for them and good for us!! (them supplying paint an skaff tower n toons)
Heres the rough sketch wot I gave the landlord and shop owner so as to get the permission for us 2 paint this wall…..(anyone got any bettr ideas and weel put it to them agen)
Only a few of u so far have given me yor ideas, but ive taken all of them on bourd and included them in that design -
some of your pieces are gonna b swept up inside the wave, maybee painted in the same blues and whites as the wave itself ,
Some of u is gonna b painting yor pieces underwater all meshed together to create a bright and colourfull coral reef!
Theres also plenty of space for character artists 2 paint shoals of fish and fish n fish n fish n fish n octopuses,jellyfish, rays, whales, or woteva…..
Maybe a shipwreck?...sunken joyridden graffed up car?....davey jonses locker?....pirates?...
And we already got someone gonna paint sum mermaids chillin out under the sea playing cards!
If u wanna be in on this production then send an example of your work plus an idea of wot u wanna put in the production to
As always theres a limit 2 artists space ………………….you gotto move fast cos we might want to meet up for a design session first but defnitly need 2 find out what colours everyone needs for their pieces so we can order it!

Weel be painting in the next couple of weeks!!!!!!!!


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