Monday, September 15, 2008

Old Scool!

wiv me mate Parky and the cow was painted by Tom Allsop a few years ago so just giv it a background 2 bring it into the picture!
been wantin 2 do a topiary peice 4 years and finaly got round 2 it - but then got bored with the upperclass theme and had sum phycerdelic fun!!!
mr.splendids got the White horse of Uffington as a lapel badge, wich in my humble opinion iz shurely one of the best ever peices of old scool (bronze age - i thinx) graff! - carved into a grass covered chalk hillside and still on there 2day!!!
- this is a pastup ov her own photo by me mate Hannah!

there are flowers like this checkedr thing wot reely do exist!! called snakes head fratileries or sumink...?
zat time ov year innit!!!


Blogger Parky said...

jolly good old boy. it looks spiffing!

1:19 PM  
Blogger Parky said...

Steeeeve! do you read your thingys? if so gimme a ring @book-cycle, love you, hope you're havin fun in brissle. we're coming up for stuart's 40th next weekend, you still gonna be around? x x x

2:20 AM  

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