Saturday, September 27, 2008

Punx Pirates Squatters Cats n' Clowns!!

...them wicked old stencils of the statue of liberty with an ak47 been there 4 ages - by Ghost Boy!
was a reel suprise treat 2 bump into Mr. Phlegm agen - the loony yet agen gave himself anuther jigantic task an decided 2 paint the whole front of the Magpie sqwat!!
....(sorry I missed u in the morning Mr! - 2 much jakey joose the nite b4!!!)

....paintin up a ladder on corigated metal can be a bit anoying at times!!
Big MASSIVE ThanX! 2 all the luvly old and new friends, all the Magpie and uther sqwatters an all the uther luvly folk we met whilst in town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tossers Sound System!!

.......theres so many destroyed bill boards round bristol an this one just made me laugh!!(well done!!)
. ..matey boy woke up with this one on his trailer!!

...we also decorated the insides of the old C.I.D. police offices!!


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