Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Rocket Festival 05

This is an old flik I found on a friends website. We did this at a (crap) festie in the south of spain. We only had bad colours. The artists are Nemo, Albyky, Blingo, Sex.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Doobledubz,

I am the Editor of the Arts section of Obscene. Ed Moores has written a wonderful article about your group and we require accompanying images. Is it possible that you could send some high resolution images of your work?

This image is very striking and we would like to include it. Also the Cowley Road image with the tree breaking through the breeze blocks. Please also include any other images you feel would be appropriate.

My email address is

The print date for the paper is the 7th of November, so we would require these images asap.

Chantelle Holt (Arts and Ents Obscene)

12:48 PM  

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