Monday, September 29, 2008


abovez a bit ov a really old peice o graff with Eon

An odd piece of graff 4 a crap vegan u mite think!?

……During the foot and mouth palava the guvment in all their great and wise knowledge of the countryside decided 2 ban mobile abattoirs.

As a result of this many animals now go through a hell of a lot more stress than they neen to…clik on the image to read the shpeel!

Folk aint gonna stop eatin meat - so animal welfare (sh)could be fantastic!

I lives in the countryside an see the entire rearing of cattle buzniss so I decided I really wanted 2 visit the abattoir speshly 2 see how its dun! I newitd be grim – it wernt as bad as I expected – but it could have been a hell ov a lot better( and that were a small abattoir – not a big industrial one) - Massive Thanx 2 Andy 4 sortin the visit!!

Cow painted by Tom again.


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