Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Berinsfield youth centre

This is a sign we did earlier in the summer with the Leys youth group. The letters were designed by one of the young people and the faces are (mostly) portraits of each other. Thanks very much to Debbie and Katy for helping out. Take the Barns road out of town over the bypass and the Leys Youth Centre is on the left just passed the Blackbird Pub. Very friendly place with a lot of good stuff going on there, including Art evenings, lots of music and music technology, bike safety, photography etc.

Did you go to the Big Green Gathering? good weather, beautiful site, some good people and nice workshops going on. Not impressed by security. Not a very free festival. Still, I had a great time in the teen area doing afternoon workshops with the teenagers who were brilliant. Lots of people had never designed letters before and came up with some really good stuff. all with recycled brush paint from orinoco and the Bristol scrap store. Hope the foto comes out big enough..

Paaweeep on the trumpet, roll on the drums... time for the berinsfield youth centre update. Yes the fotos are in no particular order, dem der blogs maahty complicated. Mostly recycled paint, although we got through quite a lot of spray on the ol' wonky breeze blocks, savin' time. This took 2 of us 2 days altogether..Enjoy the eye candy folks...

Splat the cat...

Upstairs: celtobovinebodepschodelia...

downstairs chill-out room:

ronnie jotten
di ladies...
mr. cheech wizard in the chill-out room:
another bode chillout character
doors to the chillout room, chillin' out with yer friends...

downstairs in the hall, this ones brush paint:
Late-night dubz in the hall:
Berry cru..
And finally, zee gentlemans rest room....


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