Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Oxford Graffiti Guide:

Colour Your World!!!
There are currently 3 legal spots to paint watever, wenever in East Oxford,
The most popular being the SK8 ramps down meadow lane that are constantly changing!
owned and upkept by the sk8ers themselves (OWP) who hold a jam & barbaque most summers. Check their link (SK8ERS)for more info...

Then theres the back of the toilet block on Manzil Park on Cowley Road, Oxfords longest standing legal graffiti wall arranged by the Rap Yard, the local community beat police officer,and Oxford Council.
A few people have been hassled her recently by cops not in the know. If this ever happens again, just tell them to contact the community officer who should set them straight.
There is now a NEW LEGAL GRAFFITI WALL! on the Cowley Road itself,next to Coopers news agents and by the pedestrian crossing.This breeze block 'L' shaped section of wallspace has been offered as painting space by its owners, RMA Properties, whose office is just round the corner on Marston St. Again the Police have been made aware of this site.
If you see any walls around that you might think would also be suitable, just find out who owns them an ask!
What are you waitin for??....Knok yerself out!!
PAINT: SS20 on the Cowley road is now selling spray paint and Orinoco(chek the cheap paint link)is fantastic for all sorts of bucket paint and other random suprises!

A Sight for Sore Eyes!
If you still want to see more, theres a hall of fame under the bridge wher the Southern Bypass crosses the River Thames downstream from the city just pass Iffley Lock.When you get to the bridge from the tow path side b sure to cross over the river and look behind the back of the bridge as this is where all the best productions can be seen, Its a long walk, but you wont be dissapointed, be sure to take your camera!
Theres also a kind of underpass for cows between the fields under the Marston Ferry Road, again theres often sum great pieces down there, youll have to ask the cows what they make of it all!
Then like any city theres all the usual collection of random dubs,tags,stickers, stencils an scrawls kickin about.

Minimalist Street Art:
What has been really appreciated recently is the random isolated bricks in walls around the city that have just been painted pink, only a few here an there , but I really like them! Have they just painted their biggest brick yet under Donninton Bridge??
Theres also a dotted line of chewing gum on the pavement of the cowley road that keeps growing, it seems to have slowed down recently,but is still about 15 foot long!


Blogger TAJ said...

Hi,im a graffiti artist from Ian and im studying in oxford now,ive been really searching for a legal wall or something,is it possible for everyone to go and paint on this wall(im not begginer)

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