Friday, September 29, 2006


Chek the site
Local Heroes in court on monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
expected to last 7 days, Go show yor Support!!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Some random Ramp flix!

Givvin u a taster of what to expect if u hed down the OWP ramps off Meadow Lane,
just some Random Artists.....

Depudy Dawg!

Street art aint for anyone,...Its for Everyone!!!

Cascadin, down the waterways...!

Me mates boat innit!
Traditional signwritin,with gloss,and using a regular long hair decoratin brush cut down to width with a stanley knife(signwritin brushes are thin with very long bristles, and there were no art shops in the area)
Great weekend,loadsa guinness,Cheers me Deers !!

Life on the Edge...

Youth clubz is a bit Mentalist!!!
...Crowd control for 30 teenagerz ,all weilding spray cans...I,m sure you can well imagine!!...
At the Chiltern Edge Youth Centre they were all very Enthusiastic!
All was goin really well with some great designs comin along, when some of the kids started crossing out each others pieces (spose its all part of graff culture , but there hang out was takin a very fast esthetic turn for the worse)
We took a time out an then dun some repairs,I think most folk enjoyed it an It looks awight innit!!!
Cheers Louise!
Fuzzy flix again, is it my camera wobble or da fumes???

Dirty low down toilet Graffiti !

This was FUN! , The Vine Tree (junior)School in Wallingford has got a Council made up of the pupils.It,s their school, so they decide how its run!- talk about teaching kids to be responsable or what?!- Fantastic!!
Every year they decide apon & also fundraise for a project to improove their school in some way.
This time round they wanted their toilets graffed up!
I met them all and tried to convince them it,d be a lot more fun aswell as a learning experience for them, if we did it together, but they werent havin any of it, and insisted that I do all the work....

I think they liked it!!
A Big Thankyou to Lee and Y,All !!

Why We do it !

I take Graff culture an use it to make myself wealthy - Heeay!
Chek dat 4 Blingo!!
The leaf spin round an u flik da top up 2 ckek tha time!
(me didnee realize dem gunz till I chek da flik later - Hate dat culture!!!!!!!!!!!)
Check Da Buoys wot plays wiv da Big Toyz!
Seeriouse court case dis munday!

Welcome to the Jungle!

Monsure D.Lock & Los Amigos Pinturas once again hit the side streets of the Cowley Road!
The wall continues on from the 2 storey Ankor Wat Temple mural, so the pieces were all jungled and the ruined statues are copied from photos at the site in Cambodia.
apparently the monkeys out there are good fun!
see how ugly and tatty the walls were before we arrived...

Wallingford Youth Centre

Like manny youth clubs there struggling for decent funding and because there on a tiny council estate in the middle of a really posh area its even harder! All the shops around are ooba expensive,so its the worst kinda place to be skint really.
...Anyway, We had a Pardy!!
Great Kids! - Great Painting!
Some of the roof tiles we took outside to spray and then put em back in the ceiling.
Cheers Paul!
(Apologies for not including all the flix, mustav accidently hit the delete button-Aah!)

The Vibe Youth Club

There all a friendly bunch at The Vibe in Didcot (Hallo!!)
Ive done 4 projects with them so far,2 outside and 2 indoors and all have been brilliant!-heres some flix from the latest (inside the main hall)
Apologies for the fuzzy photos, Im gonna learn how to use and get my own decent camera some day....