Monday, May 28, 2007

If you go down to the woods today...

Moosical Graffiti!
Monster Respect to Destanation Sound System!!
this crew been bangin out Phat Bass Pardy Vibes in fields for time
an were all lookin forward to more!
(cheers to Fusa on this one!)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Going Green!

FunGoo with paint from the recycling centre!
inspired by Dondi and Bode!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

B52 Two found Not Guilty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


after another week long trial at Bristol Crown Court, the jury decided unanimously that our two friends Phil and Toby did not act unlawfully by entering the U.S. military base in order to try and dissarm some B52 bomber planes to stop them killing civillians in Iraq !!!!!!!!!!!!!
there is some justice in the world..

all the info...

Monday, May 14, 2007


the Beautifull drawings and paintings of Philipa Jeffries can be viewed at the Magdalen Road Studios in Oxford from fri 18th - sun 20th may from 12-6pm.
along with about 15 other very diverse artists, including the brilliant work of Tang Jo-Hung...

Also that Crazy U V flourotastic house and gardens, 50 Aston Street in Oxford, has once again opened its doors for the whole of this week,showcasing the works and wonders of many artists.
Its a great place to take kids, the whole house is completely nuts!, theres even a hansel and gretel fairy house and the garden!
...last year it got about 1000 visitors and more has been added since then!

Live Painting >>>>>>>>

Wicked Samba gig last Fridayin Oxford with Sol Samba,The Destroyers,Puno de Dios,MC Steve Larkin,DJ's and us, as the side show freaks! Massive thanx to Bill for sorting the whole thiung out!!!
The music was so good and the dancing wild!
as our stage bounced along, so did our brushes!!
Loads more flix here:

...and Yes those are real titprints!!

Listen to this! >>>>>>>>>>>

OX4 Radio
Nice one 4 gettin this station together folx!!!
during there 1st week trial it was so good to have reagea in the mornings and hear plenty of phat beats through the day!!
dem start broadcasting again on the 1st. june I think, but check there site...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

B52 TWO Back in Court!!!

Banner for the re-trial of the B52 Two ,who took direct action in 2003 in attempt to prevent U.S. bombers from leaving england to bomb Iraq with indiscriminate cluster bombs.
Court case starts this Monday in Bristol Crown Court..
At the previose trial last year the jury could not decide on a verdict.
for all the up to date news and to follow the trial as it unfolds and all other info check ,or better still go turn up at the court to show your support,or get involved with support actions in Oxford...