Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Art Exhibition!.....

Book-Cycle in Exeter are havin a bring your own art open art exhibition this Sat and Sun (3rd. an 4th. of May) 10am start.7 west street(off fore st.)
also second hand clothes, jewlry an refreshments an Books,come along and bring some art!!
more info here...... 01392 420021

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Space Truck Paint Party!!!!

tea and cake!!!!

Rowenas amazing characters!
clean me!
attack of the killer flyin baked beens!!
....i thought evryone new that drekly basicly means manyana...?
wenever our mate Red has a new house he likes to get in the paint and beers and lets us go crazy! - nice 1 Geeza!!! that was sooooooooo much fun!!!
Massive thanx 2 Andy,Mon,Flo ,Rowena and evryone who came and had fun with us!!!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Book - cycle on the moove...

sum more flix of the book cycle van,probly the only bookshop where you decide the prices!!!

a few paintingz.......

saw my man Will the uther day and gave him this picture,
but he painted THIS!!!!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
that must have been about 5 years ago,
he got prison fun for that one !

a few paintingz.......