Monday, April 30, 2007

more mutations.....

... more flix from the exhibition and around manchester....

UHC's bog!

fish finger


hooray for Tom!!

Paddington bear!

road kill.....

we can really end slavery... if we just dont buy it!

boycott nike!

radio rental!

puke the nuke

mootan clan

the creation of adam...

and the wu-tang clangers!!!!
...aparently the building next to the basement burnt down and the basement got flooded , so who knows wat state its all in now,or when an where the events will take place!?
hope alls ok folx!!!!
check the site for up 2 dates....

Friday, April 27, 2007



Fast Effective Koverage with Zap n Spar, Projectile Vomits new album cover innit!

Brians a geenius!!

Gus n Brians Data Mine Sound Shaft!!(you have to go inside to experience it)

mutant media mahem and voluptouse vehicle vandalism!
it all went down in a few mentalist days in madchester and is still going on!!!
check .uk to see what its all about,programe of events,artists,etc...
these are just the flix i managed to upload b4 they closed the libry....
.....lots more to come!-wow that was fun!!
go get yoself up to the freak fest!!
MMMMMMMMMAASIVE thanx luv an respect to Mick Fuzz and the whole mutant/basement/hulme crews for such fantastic hospitality and fun!!
also massive big ups 2 all the other artists and mechanics and especially 2 Spar ,and to Jai from the UHC for loading us up with so much paint!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

t shirts

i have bin busy down here in the sticks. these things are for sale. more to come xx its blue peter technology, i make paper stencils n screen print through them with acrylic printing ink so all water based. then you chuck the stencil. mucho retentive cutting out but i dont mind i kinda enjoy it.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Cheers 4 the Guiness Sugs!!