Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Exhibition Now!!

Soopa paintins,fine wine , friends, fiends an fun!!

come 2 da party!!

(wanted 2 stik this at the top agen Flo!)

gentrification blah....

its happnin all over da place-
coopers news agents was a family run biznis for 15 years and then their landlord refused to renew their contract so that he can bulldoze the place an put up flats.

theyve left, but dont know what their gonna do yet........

also some of the rents have just been doubled in oxford, pushing out many local bizinisses,and its jus them big orrible chain stores that can afford it, soon the cowley road gonna look like any uther town centre in da cuntry....?

ive herd it said that if none of us shopped at tescos and used the little shops theyd be able to afford 2 stay.............???..........

oh yeah and were also gonna lose that wall to paint on!!


if i was put in prison for an indeffinate amount of time (sometimes up to 2 years in this place) just for comming to another country to try and better my life (often fleeing torture,war and persecution),and given worst treatment and hardly any legal rights than the rest of the prison population of that country, i'd probly go on hunger strike or be suicidal or riot or try and escape!....wouldnt you???
...and to recieve this sort of treatment from a counrty that is often responsible for selling weapons to the people youre trying to escape from, or may have even bankrolled the conflict.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........................
(26 detainees escape from Campsfield House Detention Centre)
more info: www.closecampsfield.org

Friday, August 03, 2007

thats just plane stoopid!!

OOOOCH!!....beasty boys meets t.rex
luvley weather were havin lately!, dont b a dinosour - head 4

The Camp for Climate Action 2007

Tuesday 14th August to Tuesday 21st August

Eight days of low-impact living, debates, learning skills, and high-impact direct action tackling the root causes of climate change.
sumwhere near heathrow airport where the loonies wanna build another runway!!!
heres dat flyer. xx see you there xx much love xx

i wanted to send this to the banksy site to put on their cuttings page but theres no contact on there. anyone got an email?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

the Noise '07

(the city parks workers are gonna finnish the blue up to the top of the building)

Great lil project over 3 days...with up to 12 teenagers each day we transformed this tatty badly tagged building on a park in reading into sumthing a bit brighter!
we had some really good conversations with the local kids, youth workers and council workers about readings dire need for some legal graffiti wall space, and we all agreed how the whole community can only gain from this.,...hopefully something really possative will happen soon!!!
big up to evryone on the project ( i luvd it!!) and agen a massive thanx to my man Westy for sortin out the project!!

sum holiday snaps...

amazing frog inna underpass in reading

bristols bedminster sk8 park is always worth a visit, but b qwik cos sum ov it it very sadly going..AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
dontcha just luv bristol!!