Sunday, June 22, 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nuther Graff Jam!!

Surf Jam! Devon city centre big wall!

Ok folks!

Theres been loads of intrest in painting this wall – so its should b a good one!!!
Ive been chattin 2 them for a few weeks now and its all lookin good!!
As long as its representing a possative surf theme their up 4 it!
its all just for the love of it agen!! its good for them and good for us!! (them supplying paint an skaff tower n toons)
Heres the rough sketch wot I gave the landlord and shop owner so as to get the permission for us 2 paint this wall…..(anyone got any bettr ideas and weel put it to them agen)
Only a few of u so far have given me yor ideas, but ive taken all of them on bourd and included them in that design -
some of your pieces are gonna b swept up inside the wave, maybee painted in the same blues and whites as the wave itself ,
Some of u is gonna b painting yor pieces underwater all meshed together to create a bright and colourfull coral reef!
Theres also plenty of space for character artists 2 paint shoals of fish and fish n fish n fish n fish n octopuses,jellyfish, rays, whales, or woteva…..
Maybe a shipwreck?...sunken joyridden graffed up car?....davey jonses locker?....pirates?...
And we already got someone gonna paint sum mermaids chillin out under the sea playing cards!
If u wanna be in on this production then send an example of your work plus an idea of wot u wanna put in the production to
As always theres a limit 2 artists space ………………….you gotto move fast cos we might want to meet up for a design session first but defnitly need 2 find out what colours everyone needs for their pieces so we can order it!

Weel be painting in the next couple of weeks!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

That Damn Wall !!!

Heres that (reeely bad) stitch up of the cyclepath …..

This IZ Amusing! - theres these well 2 do nimby solisitors who hear a new cycle path is gonna be built in view of the highest window in their house.
Not wanting to be distressed by the sight of hourds of unsightly peasants cycling through the countryside – they took the matter to court as a human rights issue ……….. and unbelievably Won!!!!
the cycle path could only be built if about a million quid was waisted on building a 70 meter long and 3 meter deep concrete sided trench to hide the cyclists in as they whiz past.
That’s wear our discusting paintings come in! – well we hoped to beautify this ugly great hulk of concrete!
It seems these poor folk now have 2 suffer from their window the sight of the top third of a 70 meter wall plastered in the most vilest of aggressive graffiti vandalism!!
Apparently now they’re makin a bit of a fuss because they argue that this discusting piece of artwork is completely out of keeping with the countryside!!
(quite unlike the 70 meters and god knows how many tons of concrete that’s been dumped there on their behalf!!)

oh well - lifes way too short to worry about the bullshit involved when freedom of expression and brightening things up are involved!!
most importantly, the kids had a brilliant time!!!

List of the guilty! :

L-R :Andy,Lympstone Youth Club,Rich,Gone,Sugz,Skank,Mydas,Ican,Sta,Sheva,Kryton,Fung,Serco.

Massive thanx agen to everyone who came along!!!!!!

see it bettr here: Cheers Sta!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

fame at last!!

That woz Fun!!!

Doodledubz gets starstruck az we stuntdouble for the actors in a new film!
(well – graffdoubles realy!)
it was a bit weird painting a whole piece and then letting it get sighned by an actor with a fictitiose tag – but that’s Hollywood!
the memorial piece in the film was dedicated to a writer who fell off a multi-storey car park whilst bombing and died.
It was so much fun watching it get dogged by a toy writer as part of the story!!
Cant wait till the film comes out!!
It called Tag Lines.
Massive thanx to Jules and the whole crew!!! – it was a reel pleasure working with ya!!!

More about them here:

Friday, June 13, 2008

blah de blah blah...............

.........................................................emulsion fill in!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cycopath Madness Jam!

MASSIVE THANNX N RESPECT 2 all the writers who came and created this AMAZING CELEBRATION of COLOUR, STYLE & FUNK on the new Sustrans cyclepath just south of exeter alongside the estuary heading for exmouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ile post more flix once ive sewn all the flix of the finnishd wall 2gether................
MASSIVE THANX 2 Rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was Great of Andy to give the graff the goahead , but he didnt half make it a hell of a lot more stressfull than it neednt have been!!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

more monkey biznis !!

soopa fun painting with Ican..........

Sunday, June 01, 2008

appledore art festival

demonstrating graff teckniques during the art festival.......
stop violent crime !
check the location -painting all day outside the royal british legion social club.
they have an advertizing campagne at the moment wich has a picture of an ex-service man in a wheel chair to try and raise funds for ex-service men.....theres also lots of adverts wanting u 2 join the army , with this slogan:army be the best
just thought i'd try and speed up the thinking!...

this was a funny(?) one !
u cant seem 2 switch on the radio or pick up a paper without someone crappin on about how evil the teenagers r these days with all there gun and knife crime, always killing one another......................
seems like its fine if u kill people in another country though!
our government dont even defend it - they activly encourage it!
massive big up 2 jane again for sorting it all out!!!!!!!