Monday, June 08, 2009

Quetzalcoatl and the Frog......

........and Mr.Moon!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

stick n paste!.......

hers sum random street crap sum of wich is in uther countries....
the dude on the bikes been 2 israel and oz and is now poppin up agen in d uk!
origional photo is of a palestinian kid out playin on his bike in gaza!(from the pages of new internationalist magazine-bloody good read!)
BIG UPS to the inspire collective in israel for puttin ours and other folx stuff up in their street show recently in tel aviv!!!
check the blog!!:
MASSIVE THANX to frends (espececialy them with a great out look!) and the postal service!!
oh yeah and found this old reclaim the streets flyer from about 10 years ago!(mite as well show it)
themz was Very Good Parteez!!!

Smash Ed !!

this was a fun couple o days work at the landmark theatre in illfracombe
workin with a group of between about 11 and 36 year olds we had 2 days for evryone 2 learn how to make photo stencils,letters freestyles techniques n stuff n create the artwork on bourds as a backdrop for a dance theatre performance created by zoo nation from london and local teenagers.
a great couple of days and some amazing artwork created by folk who mostly it was their first attempt!!
big thanx 2 Caz and all d uther staff for a luvly time!!!!

vdub fest

went to this a few weeks ago with sum uther folk to paint sum bourds n vehicles
only 1 guy was up 4 havin his van dun so obese gave him the dragon wot the geeza was well chuffed with!
cheers 2 sika 4 sortin it out and good 2 meet ya folx!!
best bands (that i can remember)were malosa and the darma bums
a jolly fun time was had by all!