Tuesday, October 30, 2007

time at the bar!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Freedom Tent

one girl insisted all she wanted to do was the play boy bunny. Sarah very cleverly mentioned that to her it repressented the enslavement of women and managed to suggest subverting the image so that it became rellevant to the project.

capoera played a role in the rebbellion as slaves could hide their banned marshal art as a dance!

Sarahs embroidery.
History lesson.

Wendy's time lines.

creating the artwork for the outside roof of the Freedom Tent with a group of teenagers .
this project was just one of 12 tents and ours was to highlight and celebrate the 200 year abolition of slavery (shame its still going strong!-but the history does suggest this!)
Wendy created a fantastic history of all the rebellion on pannels inside the tent from the 1400's until the present.
while Sarah was embroidering designs for the outside panels of the tent.
all the tents have different themes and will be used at festivals and events for hopefully a few years!
the project had its difficulties( the main one for me being that a stabbing occured outside the youth club a few days before the project so half my time was spent in an empty youth club,It was also a challenge to get young teenagers interested in such a serriose and complex issue at a drop in youth centre, but we got there in the end!)
Massive Big up and Thanx to everyone I worked with and the whole Fusion Arts crew!!!
hopefully we can do another project sum time!

Colour the World!

ladders anyone?
Barcelona for you on a plate!
knowing this building on cowley road in oxford was waitin for demolition , I spoke to the landlord 2 see if he was up for it being painted and he was cool!
the first few days it took a pasting!..... and then nufink happened for weeks!...
...Sort it out!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

fashion pages!.....

Jacket - 20p. Jumble Sale
Paint - free Orinoco recycling centre

...the usual suspects!...


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Book - cycle ......

beutifull sign for the street by Dani !
...its all happnin down the west country!.....
Theres this great charity book shop in exeter where the customer decides how much they want to pay for a book! (how cool is that?!)
half the donations raised go to sending free books to schools and charities in developing countries and the other half to planting trees across the U.K.,
their also setting up a free (donations only) internet cafe
all very inspiring!!
go check yourself @ 7 West Street, Exeter,Devon.

climate change polar bear!

heres a photo of a giant polar bear made (a few weeks ago)in a field using bailer twine and recycled fleace(used to keep insects off crops)and a black umbrella for its nose!
It is hopefully best seen from the sky,and as the farm is on the flight path into exeter air port ,it is seen by some of the folk who need to see it most!
the artists are Andy Bragg and Sara Bor.
they want to make a much larger one to be in a bigger field all winter, but need 10-12 people to come and help to do it ,any offers to westtownandy@btconnect.com

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Viva L'Espana!

the old jokes are still the best!


Gay Chevara!

Bob Joy Bike Evolution!!
that 1 got into Adbusters magazine!

we think 'bling' is shit!

luvlee geezas with car!!
I hate 2 say 'I told you' (George Orwell)

.....anyone seen the book 'spraycan art' ?
the police arent always here to help you

found these crappy old (mainly Spanish) photos......