Thursday, December 14, 2006

Urban Art Project...

update from the exhibition at the end of workshops I helpt
run with the Courtyard Youth Arts Centre in Bicester,
wot was Heritage lottery funded and involved the fantastic Pitt Rivers Museum
(u gotta go check it out if in Oxfud,crazy tribal stuff'n' shrunken heds!)
They all had a great time and learnt a lot and dun sum soopa fly pieces!
The local Mayor turned up and invited all the yoot to dinner!
...Hopefully bicester gonna get a permanent legal wall out of this project!!
more pix in our archive under 'soopa doopa!' in November.
massive thanx to Claire, Mik an the whole posse!

more info about the centre:

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

some of my paintings

can't quite work out how to get the titles in order - but you can work it out...

The Saints of Modern industry
left, Jeroen van der Veer, CEO Shell
centre, Lord Browne, CEO BP
right, Lee Raymond (ex) CEO Exxon

Run to the hills!


Monday, December 11, 2006

yo peeps, there's a coupla cool paintings by us lot in the cape of good hope pub on the plain roundabout,(ones a copied painting buy an amazing S.African artist me just cant remember the name of right now- oops!, and the others copied from a photo),theres also some bad cheesey penguin graff out the back garden but we aint got decent flix of that yet... check 'em all out......

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Heres a couple of piccies from a graff workshop inSt.Lukes church Oxford where they have a youth group called the Thursday club. They had two hours to design their letters and paint them.

Unfortunately all the finished piece photos are camera shake central so you got to imagine the outline n shadow. A couple of them got onto highlights too ... not bad for 2 hours..

Outdoor art at Kilve

Hello peeps. 'ere we ave a most fine seelecti-on of art made by years 8 and 9 (around 11 n 12 years old). This is only a wee fragment as my photoing skills are miniminimal. The course lasts a week and the youngsters (about 40 of them) get a week off school to do it! There are 4 artists running workshops plus me being a helper. The artists do; willow weaving and 3D, mixed media, 2D colour and expression / technique and printing so they get to do a bit of everything. Its residential so they make lots of new mates and have loads of fun. These are the willow deer..

ACCh wont load photo. Anyway they do loads of drawing exercises, we draw each other by candle light and with the paper under cloths, also we draw outside in daytime and night-time. then they do colour exercises to understand about the range of colours and mixing etc. They do tight line drawings based on sketches from Williton station (below) and learn how to grid up pictures to enlarge them. they get to go on the low ropes and outdoor stuff as well in the dark and watch Pirates of the Caribbean when everyone is knackered. we go out everyday and draw or make sculptures in different places. on Tuesday we went to Williton 1950's train station...

acch wont load photos oh well...

On thursday we went to kilve beach... Very nice. spent the afternoon walking and drawing collecting ideas to make into images later.
pastel piccie of the beach using colour mixing skills they have learned..

These wire models get covered in plaster bandage...


Photos of Williton hopefully

OK heres Williton 1950's train station. Some of the kids pictures that they did (i'll try n load them later) were blinding.

They have steam trains here that go up and down the coast.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A K s Bush!

Photo of AKs fabulouse bush as soon as I can find a geek to help me upload it!
(I know sum of yoos are waiting for this!)

Funk from the Archives!

Thought you needed to see more ov Shtigs art work!
Yor bound to recognise the style from around the Cowley Road ,but theres a hell ov a lot more, the guys a seeeriose artaholic! - check his site on the linx....

sum ov the weekends fun....

Hammer n Tongue 4 me mate Steve!
(chek the poetic justice link)