Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monday, September 29, 2008


abovez a bit ov a really old peice o graff with Eon

An odd piece of graff 4 a crap vegan u mite think!?

……During the foot and mouth palava the guvment in all their great and wise knowledge of the countryside decided 2 ban mobile abattoirs.

As a result of this many animals now go through a hell of a lot more stress than they neen to…clik on the image to read the shpeel!

Folk aint gonna stop eatin meat - so animal welfare (sh)could be fantastic!

I lives in the countryside an see the entire rearing of cattle buzniss so I decided I really wanted 2 visit the abattoir speshly 2 see how its dun! I newitd be grim – it wernt as bad as I expected – but it could have been a hell ov a lot better( and that were a small abattoir – not a big industrial one) - Massive Thanx 2 Andy 4 sortin the visit!!

Cow painted by Tom again.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Punx Pirates Squatters Cats n' Clowns!!

...them wicked old stencils of the statue of liberty with an ak47 been there 4 ages - by Ghost Boy!
was a reel suprise treat 2 bump into Mr. Phlegm agen - the loony yet agen gave himself anuther jigantic task an decided 2 paint the whole front of the Magpie sqwat!!
....(sorry I missed u in the morning Mr! - 2 much jakey joose the nite b4!!!)

....paintin up a ladder on corigated metal can be a bit anoying at times!!
Big MASSIVE ThanX! 2 all the luvly old and new friends, all the Magpie and uther sqwatters an all the uther luvly folk we met whilst in town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tossers Sound System!!

.......theres so many destroyed bill boards round bristol an this one just made me laugh!!(well done!!)
. ..matey boy woke up with this one on his trailer!!

...we also decorated the insides of the old C.I.D. police offices!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Old Scool!

wiv me mate Parky and the cow was painted by Tom Allsop a few years ago so just giv it a background 2 bring it into the picture!
been wantin 2 do a topiary peice 4 years and finaly got round 2 it - but then got bored with the upperclass theme and had sum phycerdelic fun!!!
mr.splendids got the White horse of Uffington as a lapel badge, wich in my humble opinion iz shurely one of the best ever peices of old scool (bronze age - i thinx) graff! - carved into a grass covered chalk hillside and still on there 2day!!!
- this is a pastup ov her own photo by me mate Hannah!

there are flowers like this checkedr thing wot reely do exist!! called snakes head fratileries or sumink...?
zat time ov year innit!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

its a jungle out here!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

feelin the blues.....

......................Picaso went through a blue period...............................!!

takin a sabatical!

given up graff 4 the finer things in life!
...more pictures wen all the gardens an topiary come into flower!................
- hope u also havin a splendidly jolly time of it!!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Exeter Green Fair

this comin weekend!!

Paint Party!!

gettin 2 the wall an back!

WOW! – that was FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

It took along time to finaly fix a date 2 paint the buggre – but we got there in the end!!
MASSIVE THANX to Marc and Frank and the hole Harbour Sports crew 4 providing both the wall and most of the paint!!!
Teresa an Chris 4 hirin the skaff tower and givin us sum masonry paint!!!
Massive big up 2 Andy and the hole West Town farm posse 4 puttin on a soopa local organic freerange + veggie BBQ and lending us sum climbing tat!!!
The hole Book – Cycle crew 4 all their luv an help!!!
Nomadix Sound System for Badass Bass n Beats!!!(more of that please!!!)
Rich 4 his enthusiasm an ladders!!!
Frazer 4 lettin us trash his (girlfriends I think?) car!
Keith 4 lettin us get 2 the roof to secure our ropes!!!
And of corse All of the artists!!!!
And all the passing public 4 a great response!!!
It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Artists were: Phlegm,Virus,Rem,Form,Serco,Zier,Kryton,Skank,Sugz,Fung,Parky,Midas,Skeo,Sheva,Asto,Fish + Symr………………………..so far(I think)!!

Parkys put up an animation of the wall on his blog!!: http://parkydoodles.blogspot.com/

an chek Phlegm site!!: http://phlegmcomics.com/