Sunday, April 26, 2009

return of the sk8 park!

after glastonbury sk8 park mesteriously vannished over night about a year(?) ago the local kids kicked up such a fuss they now got themselves a soopa new concreete one!!
and us lot got the fun job of vandalising the place - ready in time for its grand opening! - may 4th. i thinx
massive big ups 2 flo and emily from the somerset voluntry youth group (i think) for orgonising the fun day out and supplying the paint in hippysville! (seeriolsly - the only stencils i saw in the town centre were ohms flowers and mushrooms!)
needless to say no pixy painting wos alowed!
and massive big ups to evryone who came 2 paint !!!!

yoot yoot!

still doin the ol yoot workshops!
cheers to d yoot service!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Glastonbury sk8 paint jam!

Eh, Glastonbury has a brand new concrete sk8 park. they want it painted next saturday b4 it opens (& you can stay sunday to finish up if u need to). we get 40 quids worth of paint each BUT you gotta get in touch wiv me so i can get numbers so matey knows how much paint to order. as soon as you can.. use the email xx

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

green tee prints!!

just had a splendid weekend hangin out with mates an goin 2 paint these shutters at a screen print basement workshop - luvly peeple - cheers 4 the beers! - soopa tee shirts!!
check dem here:
and dont forget 2 get yor ass down the severn shed in bristol for sum splendid flo art!!!

more van dalism!

finally stickin these flix ov the latest book-cycle van decorated by me n parky a few wekks back. the other vans for a tattoo artist and is hopefully wot she wanted utherwise she mite take revenge with the tattooin shes gonna give me! i nabbed some ov the stencil images off the net cos i reely liked em! - cheers!! and u fill it up by poking the purple n red skull in the eye!