Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Rocket Festival 05

This is an old flik I found on a friends website. We did this at a (crap) festie in the south of spain. We only had bad colours. The artists are Nemo, Albyky, Blingo, Sex.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Ceasefire Now !!

wouln't it be good to get on with yer neighbours.....

Hit it!

this wall was done for tha local joy riders!
not really, but only when it was finnished did we connect that the location next to a zebra crossing and with a bunch of flowers taped to a lampost across the road, it might not apeal to some?
....its only music!
dem got a dope system da funk!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Eko Graff trix!

Aint writen this yet,or compiled tha flix, but this section gonna have all the details of how to graff with a diffrence,
You can use old car tyres to power airbrushes, using rollers an sponges with yer stencils,recycling paint,roller piecing an all that sorta thing......

Cowley Road Graffiti

Its a bit special , the Cowley Road!

Massive thanx and respect to all the property owners along the road and surrounding area who have allowed their walls to be decorated so elabourately by so many different artists.
Half the wall artwork you will have seen over the last 5 or so years has been orgonized and funded by the artists themselves.
It has taken years of getting to know,politely asking and sometimes friendily pestering property owners as well as continuously ensuring that a high quality of artists be involved that has enabled the acheivement of so many murals.
The other half has been arranged by mainly the Rap Yard (fantastic youth group who've involved loads of people), Cowley Road Carnival, Fusion(whove done some very intresting stuff including pavement jewlery,some of which got censored,and some very beutifull inscriptions in different languages by a stone mason) and East Oxford Action.
The City Council and even the Police have offered their support on occation.
Then theres a few other projects that I'm not sure how came about.
And I gotta mention the flypost spinning drums on manzil park, designed and welded by Bob, that double up as tibetan prayer wheels (theres real tibetan manuscripts and bells inside them-give ,em a spin!)

We gonna add a lot more flix 2 this section when we getsum....
The flix so far....
The Ankor Wat mural was copied from a photo of a carpet and was done using organic gloss paint.
Holey Wall was painted on a peice of waste ground after the buildings there were demolished and for a while all the walls surrounding the site were graffed , muralized by the locals and their mates. This peice was inspired by the International Solidarity Movement in Palestine and the work of Banksy.
The flats are just a section of the art created by many artists on the flats above the shops on the Cowley Road in Oxford...


heres a mural we painted on the cowley road last winter.
It only lasted a day b4 being censored
took all (freezin) day to paint, mainly with brushes an recycled paint and spray 4 da letters.
and it was about 3 hours copying the poem onto the wall before finally getting it all to fit in da space!
(the photos are in the wrong order, but im new to this blogging lark!)
the poetry was writen by our mate Nyarai:

The Myth of Third World Debt

I hear tell
that the ‘West’ claims
‘Third World’ countries
owe them a debt.

The white people them
They come to our countries
they unleash
upon we
the holocaust of slavery
the evil, parasitic, violent process
them call colonization.

What this means is
them rape Mother Africa
took her children to use as donkey
went right inside Mother Africa belly
and steal her resources
send them back home
to the ‘west’.

We the Africans,
funded the industrial revolution
with our blood, sweat, and tears and

So I don’t really understand
what the ‘west’ means
when them talk
‘bout ‘Third world debt’
I believe them have no shame
I know they full of untruth
they lie to themselves constantly
cause truth will kill them fe true.

I ask you to reconsider
who owes whom?

The west owes Africa
a debt so great
them can never
fully repay.

Though we may not say it,
don’t think we do not see it
We are silent
because white men talk too much
all in aid
of hiding the truth.

Third world debt
is a fiction of
white mans imagination.

Nyarai Humba

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Youth clubs

we been doin a few of these, both just decorating, but mainly graffiti workshops with teenagers, getting them to paint their own clubs how they like, with us on hand to give tips on painting techniques and encouragement.
these flix are a bit blurred but weel stick up a whole series soon that also will include festivals and schools were weve worked.

Deli Belly!

been doin some shop fronts, both tradditional sighnwriting (yes with brushes, Gasp!) and the more fun qwik stuff for clubs, pubs and this one : heres the front of our favourite offy!!(on da Cowley Road, East Oxford)
Massive respect to the crew who run this show, theyve given us loads of support and walls to paint!


Heres a flik of our mates house on Union Street in East Oxford that they liked us to paint.

With the theme coming from an old quote (with a disputed origin) that Im sure most are familiar with.

At first we just painted the image wich we took from a photo of a girl ripping up a dollar bill (we found in the back of an old Schnews book) and felt the image was strong enough to hold its own.

But after some time , feedback and discusion,(yeah,yeah,cleashey,blah de blah,banksy,blah,twat,blah,whateva...)our mates still really wanted the quote itself up as they felt it would stop any missconception of what was trying to be conveyed to anyone passing by their house.

The origional quote started with the words 'Only when' , which we changed to 'Before the' turning the words into a question we felt conveyed a less defeatest and fatalistic view and hopefully would encourage actions towards creating a better future!

Heres what is says incase you cant read from the flik:

Before the last tree has died, the last river been poisoned and the last fish has been caught...

...will we realize that we can-not eat money ?

Oh yeah, and the whole thing was painted using soopa cheap emullsion paint from Orinoco, our fantastic local scrapstore recycling centre, plus a few bits found in the shed!